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The Practice of Memory

The Practice of Memory: Time, Place, Performance

International seminar

Aarhus University, 8-9 December 2011

The study of (social or cultural) memory often take the form of analyses of more or less "finished" expressions and works of art, architecture, literature etc. and on the creativity or intentionality imbued in them. As important as such expressions are, in this seminar we seek to shift the focus from the works of art itself, or from their representation, to the processes, practices and performances that surround, shape and derive from them. Focusing less on the finished piece and more on the acts and assemblages of meaning and potential connected to them – whether in the form of unintended uses of sites, heritage tourism, art reception, ritual performance or something else – we want to highlight not only the social dimensions of "memory" but also the circumstances and processes under which the site or expression itself is invariably produced; the work-in-progress of memorisation, so to speak.

We are proud to present as speakers two international figures in the field, Professor Kevin Hetherington Open University, UK, and artist Simon Menner, Berlin.