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Interviews with Francis Fukuyama, May 2010

Images from conference on The Posthuman Condition, May 2010

Images from seminar on The Forms of Memory under German Occupation, Apr. 2010

Image from seminar on The Layers of the City, Mar. 2010

Publications on War, Memory and Media, Dec. 2008

Posters 2008-2009



Interviews with Francis Fukuyama

Interview with Anders Sandberg and Francis Fukuyama

An interview made during the conference The Posthuman Condition: http://podcast.au.dk/?p=episode&name=2010-05-08_posthuman.flv


6-7 MAY 2010 The Posthuman Condition

14 APR 2010: Besættelsen og erindringens form

10 MAR 2010: Byens lag

Publications from War, Memory and Media

Papers from the seminar December 10, 2008:

Tore Rye Andersen: "Blurry Close-Ups: American Literature and 9/11"

Kasper Green Krejberg: "The Distortion of Space and the Ruinous Gaze: War Ruins in German Cityscapes and Literature"

Sisse Tanderup's paper "Alessi and 9/11" will be published in Analecta Romana Instituti Danici

Publications on this site are typically working papers or conference manuscripts that are likely to appear in more final versions elsewhere.

Posters 2008-09