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Recent network events

5-7 December, 2012

Migration, Memory and Place

Seminar hosted in collaboration with Network for Migration and Culture

Papers from the conference

Keynote speakers:
Edward S. Casey (Stony Brook University)
Andreas Huyssen (Columbia University)
Nikos Papastergiadis (University of Melbourne)
Alistair Thomson (Monash University, Melbourne)
University of Copenhagen, 5-6 December
Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, 7 December

Past events

6 November 2012

Aleksandar Hemon at Aarhus University

9.30-12.00 Seminar in room 1586/114 (Forskerhusets mødelokale), Langelandsgade 139, DK-8000 Aarhus C
Bosnian-American writer Aleksandar Hemon will take part in a conversation on his work and related subjects. Jakob Ladegaard, Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen will give short presentations on memory, migration and Hemon's authorship in general to start the discussion. The number of participants is limited so please sign up before 1 November to Kasper Green Krejberg.

14.15-16.00 "The Making of the Lazarus Project"
Aleksandar Hemon will give the lecture “The Making of the Lazarus Project” and take questions. The event is open to the public. Venue: 'Lille Sal', Kasernescenen (bygning 1585), Langelandsgade 139, DK-8000 Aarhus C

For more information, contact Mads Rosendahl Thomsen or Kasper Green Krejberg.

20-22 September, 2012

Aesthetics and Ethics of Memory

PhD course hosted by Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies

Keynote speakers:
Sharon Macdonald, Professor. Dept. of Sociology, University of York.
Andrea Pinotti, Professor of Philosophy, Università degli Studi, Milan
Ann Rigney
, Professor of Comparative Literature, Utrecht University.

Aarhus University

Deadline for submission of proposals was 15 April, 2012.

10-12 May 2012

Conflict in memory: Interpersonal and Intergenerational Remembering of War, Conflict and Transition

Interdisciplinary conference, Matchpoints 5

Confirmed keynote speakers:
Alistair Thomson (Monash University, Melbourne)
James Wertsch (Washington University, St. Louis)
Dorthe Berntsen (Aarhus University)
Daniel Levy (Stony Brook University)
Anna Bull (University of Bath)
Luisa Passerini (University of Torino)
Tom Dunne (University College Cork)
Willliam Hirst (New School of Social Sciences, New York)

Aarhus University

Deadline for proposals January 15, 2012.

February 9, 2012, 10:00-12:00

Lecture by Bernard Stiegler: "Media and Memory"

University of Copenhagen

Karen Blixens Vej 1, 2300 København S

Building 27, ground floor, room 27.0.17

8-9 December 2011

The Practice of Memory: Time, Place, Performance

International seminar with the participation of Professor Kevin Hetherington, The Open University and artist Simon Menner.

Aarhus University

16 November 2011

Theories and methods of cultural memory studies

PhD workshop

University of Copenhagen


17 November 2011.

Eastern Europe in Contemporary Cultural Memory

Speakers include:
Martin Baake-Hansen (University of Copenhagen)
Niels Barfoed
Roxana Bedrule (University of Copenhagen
Kristian Handberg (University of Copenhagen)
Kasper Green Krejberg (Aarhus University)
Lene Otto (University of Copenhagen)
Mette Sandbye (University of Copenhagen)

Arranged by Martin Baake-Hansen and Kristian Handberg, PhD-students, University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen

30 September - 1 October 2011

The Aesthetics of Memory

Network seminar with four paper sessions:

  • In the ruins of memory
  • Filming memory
  • On the limits of narrative coherence
  • Trauma and Aesthetics

University of Copenhagen, Amager - room 21.1.18

30 September 11:45 - 1 October 15:00

3-4 June 2011

Memory and/in Practice

Post-graduate seminar with University of London

University of Copenhagen

28-29 April 2011



The Poetics and Aesthetics of Cultural Memory

Network seminar

Aarhus University


15-16 March 2011

Two lectures by Henning Laugerud (in Norwegian)

15 March, 11.15

"Visualitet og erindring – omkring ”erindring” i middelalder"

Aarhus University, Langelandsgade, building 1584, room 212

16 March, 12.00-13.15

"Hvorfor ”erindring” – erindringsperspektiv(er) på historien"

Aarhus University, Langelandsgade, building 1580, Litteraturhistories mødelokale


9 March 2011

Cultural memory studies: methods and practices

Postgraduate student seminar

University of Copenhagen

10 March 2011

Lecture by Alan Richardson

"Memory and Imagination: From Romanticism to Cognitive Neuroscience and Back"

Aarhus University, Langelandsgade, building 1580, Litteraturhistories mødelokale, 11.30



18 January 2011

Teaching Cultural Memory

Exchange of experiences of teaching cultural memory studies and a presentation of a new BA-minor programme

Aarhus University


15 OCT 2010

Rivka Eisner: The body doesn't forget: Living Archives and Repertoires in Ea Sola's Choreographic Works

28 SEP 2010

Devapriyo Das: Recording memory, rewriting East Africa

Information and debate on the FKK supported network 2011-12

6-7 MAY 2010

The Posthuman Condition

Speakers: Francis Fukuyama, Stelarc, Julian Savulescu, Anders Sandberg, Maxwell Mehlmann, Søren Holm et al.

14 APR 2010

The occupation and the shape of memory (in Danish)

Speakers: Nils Gunder Hansen, Tage Skou-Hansen, Ann Sofie Oxenvad, John Andreasen, Stefan Iversen, and Dorthe Kirkegaard Thomsen

10 MAR 2010

Byens lag. By, kunst og medieteknologi (in Danish)

Speakers: Morten Breinbjerg, Thomas Delman, Lars Bo Løfgreen, Max Schneider, and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

4-5 DEC 2009


Speakers: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford), Marko Attila Hoare (Kingston University), Frederik Stjernfelt (Aarhus) and more. See programme and description here

4 NOV 2009

Internal seminar on time and eternity

Spearkers: Vladimir Cvetkovic og Hans Jørgen Frederiksen

Langelandsgades Kaserne, 13.15-16.00

7-8 OCT 2009

Panel on places and memory at the conference "Motion and emotion within place". See full programme here

16 SEP 2009

Rane Willerslev, Etnography and Anthropology, on time, history and memory

28 MAY 2009

Nostalgia and Retro

Speakers: Ingrid Vatne, Charlotte Rørdam Larsen, Annelis Kuhlmann, Kristian Handberg, Britta Timm Knudsen and Camilla Jalving. See more here.

27 APR 2009

Monuments and the Aesthetics of Remembrance

Speakers: Katalin Deme, Kasper Green Krejbjerg and Mads Daugbjerg

Forskerhuset, Langelandsgade, 14-17

16 APR 2009

Discussion with Professor Will Straw

Forskerhuset, Langelandsgade, 13.30-15.30

12 MAR 2009

Lecture by Dr Paul Connerton

27 JAN 2009

Internal strategy seminar

10 DEC 2008

War, Memory and Media

Speakers: Astrid Erll (Wuppertal), Britta Timm Knudsen, Sisse Tanderup, Kasper Green Krejbjerg and Tore Rye Andersen

23 NOV 2008

History and Memory

Speakers: Niels Kayser Nielsen and Mads Rosendahl Thomsen

15 OCT 2008

Places: Bratislava, Istanbul, Tranquebar

Speakers: Gitte Lønstrup, Katalin Deme and Helle Jørgensen

21 AUG 2008

What is Cultural Memory?

Speakers: Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Jacob Lund, Mads Daugbjerg, Lars Kiel Bertelsen, Ane Hejlskov Larsen, John Andreasen, Sisse Tanderup, Svend Erik Larsen and Charlotte Rørdam Larsen