The Poetics and Aesthetics of Cultural Memory

The Poetics and Aesthetics of Cultural Memory: State of the Art and roads ahead

Network seminar

Aarhus University, building 1586, room 114

Langelandsgade 141, 8000 Århus C


April 28-29, 2011


Formations of cultural memory have been an object of study at least since the middle of the twentieth century. Not least through the last ten to fifteen years the development has been intense, creating a rich a multifaceted area of study, spanning a vast number of disciplines.

The research in the structures and formations of cultural memory is thus thriving and perhaps richer than ever. But exactly because of this richness it is time to pause and reflect on the state of the art of memory studies, and more importantly to reflect on the viabilities and potentials of possible roads ahead within this vast field.

April 28

12.00-12.30     Welcome and presentation of participants and the network

12.30-13.30     Lunch

13.30-15.15     Paper session: “The Poetics of Memory”

Hans Lauge Hansen: “Mimesis of Cultural Memory Processes”

Juan Carlos Cruz Suárez: “Re-over-writing the past: poetics in two novels by Isaac Rosa.”

Svend Erik Larsen: ”Remember to forget”

15.15                 Coffee

15.30-17.15     Paper session: “The Aesthetics of Memory”

Sisse Tanderup: ”Memory and Design”

Kristian Handberg: ”Retro and memory”

Frederik Tygstrup: "Antiquity Revisited: Museo Montemartini in Rome"

19.00-               Dinner - Nordens Folkekøkken, Jægergårdsgade 6


April 29

9.00-10.30       Paper session: “The Practice of Memory”

Mette Sandbye; “Japanese ’Purikura’: photography between memory and social doing.”

Rivka Eisner: tba.

Mads Daugbjerg: "Re-enacting the past: memory, materiality, performance"

10.30                Coffee

10.45-12.30 Paper session: “The Globalization of Memory”

Frauke Wiegand: “The postcolonial tourist practice – memories and imaginaries of Africa and their mediations”

Mads Anders Baggesgaard: “Transatlantic memories of France”

Niels Kayser Nielsen: tba.

Mads Rosendahl Thomsen: “Cosmopolitan memories and cultural intimacy”

12.30-13.15     Lunch

13.15-14.00     Workshops on future network activities

14.15-15.15     Plenary discussions and farewell